Kairos University Courses

Kairos University Courses

School of Theology Courses

(TH 200) Foundations of Pentecostal Theology 1

Text Book: “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” (Duffield/Van Cleave)
This course examines the essential doctrines of the faith as seen from a Pentecostal perspective.

(TH 201) Foundations of Pentecostal Theology 2

Text Book: “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” (Duffield/Van Cleave)
This course examines the teachings of The Holy Spirit, Divine Healing, The Church, Angels, Demons, and the Doctrine of Last Things.

(TH 202) Systematic Theology

The objective of this course is to give the student an overview and insight of the attributes of God, the fallen nature of man and salvation through Christ.

(TH 203) Spiritual Authority

Text Book: “Spiritual Authority” (Watchman Nee)
This course is designed to bring insight into the students life about Spiritual Authority.

(TH 204) Spiritual Warfare

Text Book: “Pigs in the Parlor” (Frank & Ida Hammond)
This course covers a wide plethora of subjects involving Spiritual Warfare from the Nature of War through the basis of our Victory.

(TH 205) Divine Healing

Text Book: “How to heal the sick through the power of Jesus Christ” (Stuart Gramenz)
This course teaches basic principles that enable all believers to pray for the sick.

(TH 300) The New Testament Church and its Ministries

Text Book:  “The New Testament Church and its Ministries” (Bill Scheidler)
This course gives a deep understanding of the Church and God’s purpose.  It provides a biblical understanding of ministry.

(TH 301) Healing Anointing of the Believer

Text Book: “Healing” (Francis MacNutt)
This course covers the basic truths about healing and miracles and how to move in the supernatural anointing.  This course describes the difference in the spiritual gifts as well as how to function in those gifts.

(TH 302) Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Since we live in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, it is very important that we know as much about Him as the Word reveal to us.  This course brings us into an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God.

(TH 303) Igniting the Fire

Hebrews 1:7 says: “He makes his ministers a Flame of Fire”.  From Moses and the Burning bush to Isaiah and the live coal that touched his lips this course will take you through the fire of the flaming relationship that God desires to have with each believer.

(TH 304) Miracles

A miracle is a supernatural manifestation of divine power in the external world.  This course of study will help the student in understanding the special revelations of the presence and power of God through the supernatural.

(TH 305) Connecting the Power

This course will teach the student the real truth about the Holy Spirit.  The Key is not methodology, the key is sensitivity.  We must cultivate communion with the Holy Spirit. God will expose the power that he has placed on the inside of each believer in the course.

(TH 306) Deliverance and Demonology

This course is a trumpet call to the believer to wake out of sleep and get engaged in spiritual warfare.  Demon forces have crept in every area of society including the church.  This course will inform and equip the believer to meet the challenge and take an active roll in storming the gates of hell.

(TH 307) Power of His Presence

Text Book: “The Tabernacle of David” (Kevin J. Connor) The objective of this course is to give the student an overview and insight into the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

(TH309) Prophetic Ministry

This course explores the impact that prophecy has on people and the core values that should motivate prophetic ministry. It also defines prophecy and the difference between the Gift of prophecy and the office of prophecy.

(TH310) Spiritual Gifts

This course will provide the background and insight into Spiritual Gifts that will better equip the student to move in this ministry and to identify their own different gifting’s as well as the best gift; the one needed at the time.

Biblical Studies Courses

(BS 200) Timothy Training

Text Book: “Timothy Training Program” Frank Damazio
This course takes students on a journey through the leadership principles found in Timoth’s life. It equips leaders for the twenty-first Century Church

(BS 201) The Book of Acts Part I (Ministry of Peter)

Text Book: “The Book of Acts” Kevin J. Conner.
Early Church History and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.  This course gives insight into the first half of the Book of Acts and Peters ministry.

(BS 202) The Book of Acts Part II (Ministry of Paul)

Text Book “The Book of Acts” Kevin J. Conner
This course gives insight into the second half of the book of Acts and the Ministry of Paul.

(BS 203) Old Testament Survey Part I

Text Book “Old Testament Survey” Kevin J. Conner and Ken Malmin.
This course give an overview of the Old Testament from Genesis to Job.

(BS 204) Old Testament Survey Part II

Text Book “Old Testament Survey” Kevin J. Conner and Ken Malmin.
This course give an overview of the Old Testament from Psalms to Malachi.

(BS 205) New Testament Survey

Text Book “New Testament Survey” Kevin J. Conner and Ken Malmin.
This course cover an overview of the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation.

(BS 206) The Book of Ephesians

This course takes you through a step-by-step, section-by-section study of the Queen of the Epistles, Ephesians.

(BS 207) The Book of Romans

This course is a comprehensive study of the Book of Romans

(BS 208) The Book of First Corinthians

This course gives insight into resolving doctrinal and practical Church problems.  In it you will discover what the word says about sexual sins, spiritual gifts, love and the resurrection.

(BS 209) The Book of Second Corinthians

This course will give insight into the Apostle Paul’s principles and action on how to deal with situations in the ministry and church.

(BS 303) The Book of Hebrews

This course gives an eloquent picture of the superiority of Christ to the law of Moses with its priesthood and rituals.

(BS 304) The Book of Genesis

Text Book: “Portraits of Christ in Genesis” M.R. De Haan
This course is a detailed study of the Book of Genesis along with challenging thought provoking assignments designed to stimulate thinking through the purposes of God.

(BS 305) The Book of Revelation

This course will walk you through the Revelation holding to the literal meaning of the words used in the scripture.  This course contains three major areas of study: (1) Concerning Christ (2) Concerning The Church (3) Concerning The Kingdom.

(BS 306) Feasts of Israel

The Feasts of Israel are key waypoints on a roadmap in holy history.  They tell the story of the main Covenant events between God and His elect people as they occur here on the earth and in time.

(BS307) Seven Churches of Revelation

This module explores in depth each of the Seven Churches in the first three chapters of Revelations. We explore the fourfold application of each church. The local application, the prophetical application, the individual application and the dispensational application.

(BS308) Pentecost

This course is an examination of the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” as it occurred on the day of Pentecost for the New Testament disciples. This course teaches the startling expressions of the presence and power of God and the key factors in launching the early Church.

(BS309) Christianese

This course will provide the background and insight into key word origins and applications that will better equip the student in knowledge and wisdom – words that will help us to succeed in this practice called – “Christianity”.

Christian Maturity Courses

(CM202) Bait of Satan

Text Book: “The Bait of Satan” John Bevere
This course exposes the deadly trap of Satan and Offenses.  It deals with offenses, forgiveness, revenge, reconciliation and much more.

(CM204) 2000 years of Charismatic Church History

Text Book: “2000 Years of Charismatic Church History” Eddie Hyatt
This course expounds on the common thread that connected the church together throughout history of Prayer and Holiness.

(CM205) Character Building & Ethics

This is a study of Character traits identified in the Bible. The emphasis is on personal integrity and individual responsibility.

(CM203) Undercover

Text Book: “Under Cover” John Bevere
This course will take you to a secret place under the shadow of the Almighty, where there is liberty, provision, and protection. The student will gain a full understanding of Spiritual Authority.

(CM301) Drawing Near

Text Book: “Drawing Near” John Bevere
This course takes the student on a journey toward Intimacy with God based on His amazing promises.

(CM302) A Heart Ablaze

Text Book: “A Heart Ablaze” John Bevere
This course offers riveting insights to ignite and maintain a passion for God.

(CM303) Driven By Eternity

Text Book “Driven by Eternity” John Bevere
This course deal with not only where…but how you will spend entity.  This course reveals an eternal perspective and motivates believers to labor for what endures.

(CM304)  How to Study the Word of God

Text Book “How to Study the Bible” Kay Arthur; “Interpreting the Symbols and Types” Kevin Conner
This course equips the student to study God’s Word on their own as well as learning to uncover revelation knowledge from scripture.

(CM306) Honors and Rewards

Text Book: “Honor’s Reward” John Bevere
In this course you will discover how to attracts God’s Favor and Blessings and learn the spiritual law of honor.

(CM307) Extraordinary

This course teaches that your life is unique, special, and by no means an accident. No one is common, no one is menial; we were created for the extraordinary. Each of us has a unique path that God has prepared for our lives.

(CM308) Relentless

In this course you will learn that you were created to rise above adversity and display greatness! More than a strategy for survival, Relentless offers you a fresh new mind-set, one that enthusiastically declares you already have what it takes to finish well! Its biblically grounded truths will equip you to flourish in every season of life.

Practical Ministry Courses

(PM200) Power of Spiritual Alignment and Balance

Text Book: “The power of Spiritual Alignment” Fran Damozio
This course establishes a good foundation or core of values and lasting integrity that should be found in every ministry.

(PM201) Christianity vs. Deception

Text Book: “Cults, World Religions and the Occult” (Kenneth Boa)
This course is designed to provide simple and organized information about non-Christian and pseudo-Christian religions.

(PM202) The Journey

This module is about how to break free from mediocre faith and discover your road map to purpose and fulfillment.

(PM203) The Master Plan of Discipleship

Text Book: “The Master Plan of Discipleship” Robert Coleman
This course will involve an examination of the Book of Acts and how that the early Church carried out Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations.

(PM204) Faith

This course explores the differences between real Bible Faith and sense knowledge faith and teaches students how to activate their faith in the Word of God to gain victory over any circumstances or situation.

(PM205) Maximizing Your Vision Potential

This course will take you from a God-inspired imagination stage into the eventual realization of vision.

(PM206) The Master Plan of Evangelism

Text Book  “The Master Plan of Evangelism”  Robert Coleman
This course examines the principles and schemes with which Jesus fulfilled His purpose to win the world.

(PM207) Greatest In The Kingdom

Text Book” “God’s Armor Bearer Volumes 1 &2 (Terry Nance)
This course examines how important you are to God’s plan and how to get off the sidelines and into the action.

(PM208) Principles of Church Life

This course explores not only the Principles found in Hebrews 6 but helps the believer to get a vision for what God wants to do in and through the church in these last days. Principles that develop not only students life but the life of a victorious local church.

(PM301) Giant Steps of Leadership

This course takes the student through the steps of leadership and gives the student the Godly process that God takes 8 of the Old Testament Leaders through.

(PM302) Kingdom Principles

This module is designed to give every believer a foundational understanding of the basic principles of Kingdom living.  These lessons are designed to bring the Christian out of babyhood and into full maturity.

(PM302) Keys to the Kingdom

This course teaches that Faith is the Key to the Kingdom and how to turn away from Dead Works. How to lay hands on the sick and see them recover as well as how to Break the Yoke of the enemy.

(PM 303) Dynamic Home Life Makeover

This course teaches how to be a Spirit Warrior in your own home. In this course you will learn Who’s The Boss and The Four Pillars of Manhood. In this course you will discover God’s Provision and how to make Disciples.

General Bible Courses

(GBC101) How to study the Bible

This course is geared to help the believer study the word of God by teaching helpful and organized such as individual word studies, topical studies, how to meditate on God’s word, as well as reviewing the vast number of reference materials available.

(GBC102) Old Testament Survey

This course will give an overview of the history of God’s people as revealed in the Old Testament. A firm grasp of the Old Testament is vital to the revelation and understanding of the New Testament.

(GBC103) The book of Genesis

This course covers the details of Creation, man’s “fall”, the flood, the Abrahamic Covenant, and the role and lives of the Patriarchs as found in the book of Genesis.

(GBC104) Exodus and the Wilderness Experience

This course will cover the life of Moses, his leadership of the children of Israel out of Egypt and their experiences in the wilderness over the course of 40 years. (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

(GBC105) The Tabernacle the Priesthood and the Mosaic Law

This course will discuss the tabernacle of Moses, the Levitical Priesthood and how they relate to the Christian today. This course will also discuss the various ordinances God gave the children of Israel and how they relate to the Christian today.

(GBC 106) The Book of Joshua

This course will discuss Joshua and the Hebrews’ conquest of the Promised Land and how these events relate to the Christian today.

(GBC107) New Testament Survey

This course will give an overview of all the New Testament books.

(GBC108) The Life of Jesus

This course will cover the life of Jesus as seen through the four gospels of the New Testament. These books will be studied individually and collectively and will focus on Jesus as the role model to be emulated by the born again child of God.

(GBC109) The Book of Acts

This course will discuss the beginning of the early New Testament Church and its spread through out the world. Paul’s missionary journeys will also be thoroughly discussed.

(GBC110) The Book of Psalms

This book will discuss the importance of the Psalms to the child of God as a mode of worship. The student will also will also obtain an understanding of how the Psalms were written and why.

(GBC111) The Biblical Festivals of the Lord

This course will discuss the original Feasts established by the Lord to the Jewish people and how they point to and are fulfilled in and through Messiah – Jesus.

Christian Ministry Courses

(CMC201) Third Day Evangelism

Two thousand years have come and gone since Jesus ascended to the Father, leaving us to His “Great Commission” to bring in the harvest. We are now in the time that was prophesied in Hosea 6:1,2 concerning the “third day” and the second coming of Jesus. This course will discuss the concepts of evangelism in this “third day”. This course is geared to equip the believer to evangelize and effectively minister Jesus Christ to the lost. Evangelizing to Israel and the concept “to the Jew first” will also be taught.

(CMC202) Religions and Cults of the World

This course will give the Christian a better understanding of the doctrines of the various cults we may encounter as we share Jesus. The student will learn how to effectively bring forth the truth of God’s Word to those who are deceived. This course will also cover new age philosophies and doctrines and give insights into the occult. The student will learn how to effectively bring forth the truth of God’s Word to those who are deceived.

(CMC203) The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This course will discuss the various gifts of the Spirit as found in the scriptures and detail their proper use. The fundamental aspects of the “gift” of prophesy and how it relates today, to both the church and in the life of the believer will be discussed at length.

(CMC204) Fundamentals For Effective Prayer

This course will teach the basics of prayer, the kind of prayer that will bring results within the believer’s life. The different types of prayer to be used for the appropriate situation or circumstance to bring the “God kind” of result will also be discussed.

(CMC205) Fundamentals of True Worship

This course explains what worship and praise really are. Among the many ways of worshipping God in “spirit and in truth”, we’ll also cover dance and banners. This course will discuss the ministry of the priesthood and how it relates to the born again child of God in entering into a deeper and richer intimacy with God.

(CMC206) Evangelism Outside the Church’s Four Wall’s—Locally and Worldwide

This course will teach how to coordinate and plan events such as street outreaches, tent outreaches, door to door evangelism, spiritual mapping, community healing, mass evangelism, etc.

(CMC207) The Holy Spirit’s Function, Works and Position

This course goes into detail concerning the Holy Spirit as God, the third Person of The Trinity and His works in the kingdom of God.

(CMC208) World Changers Evangelism Training Course

How to effectively share your faith; preparing your testimony to win souls; learning a track on which to present the fullness of the gospel: learn how to take a spiritual temperature; overcoming objections; and how to teach another to share their faith; how to do an immediate follow up; and more. The course includes classroom and actual field witnessing experience.

Pastoral Care Training Courses

(PCT501) General Christian Counseling

This course will cover will cover the Biblical principals of counseling according to the scriptures, the only effective precepts for counseling. An emphasis will be placed on Pastoral Counseling, Marital Counseling, and pre-marital counseling. The Christian Family will be discussed and will cover the proper role of each member of the family according to the Word of God. This course will discuss the proper order of a Christian family.

(PCT502) The Prayer Counseling Ministry

This course is designed to train up the body in a unique way, so as to bring healing to those who are spiritually, emotionally and physically oppressed. Students will learn Prayer Counseling foundations, methodology, administration, and job descriptions. Students will learn about the various “root” causes of hurts and difficulties in a person’s life.

(PCT503) Healing of the Whole Person

Since man is a three part being (spirit, soul, and body), this course will discuss in great detail the healing of the total tri-part person. This course will discuss how to effectively counsel and minister to those in the Body of Christ who suffer from depression, pride, rejection, and loneliness.

(PCT504) Church Eldership 1

This course is designed to train the shepherds of God’s flock, either in full time ministry or in lay leadership. There will be an emphasis on personal time management and other “mechanics” of she

(PCT505) Church Eldership 2

This course is a continuation of Eldership 1 and is designed to train up the shepherds of God’s flock whether in full time ministry or lay leadership.

(PCT506) Small Group Development, Foundations and Dynamics

This course is designed to train up those involved in small groups or starting small groups. It will detail the functions of the small group, specific job descriptions and prerequisites of particular small group members and small group meeting formats. This course is for those who lead a small bible study or home group and desire to bring that group into intimacy with God, as well as with each member of the group, which will enable the release of God’s glory in your midst.

(PCT507) The Five Fold Ministry of the Church

This course will discuss in detail the role, function, and order of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher within the church today.

(PCT508) General Pastoral Functions

This course will teach you the art of developing spirit-filled messages, which will impact today’s generation for Christ. This study will cover the importance of both personal preparation as well as biblical preparation. Church disciple will be discussed. When ministering to people you will always run into major conflicts. The church is not perfect. However, the way you choose to deal with those conflicts will determine the future of your church or small group. This course will discuss will discuss Godly principals of how to effectively administer discipline within the church body. Proper mentoring principals will be discussed. If we cannot duplicate our selves in ministry then our work is in vain. This course will train you in the art of mentoring. It will also cover how to be mentored and how to mentor others.

(PCT509) The “Third Day” Church

This course will discuss the church’s role in these end times in ushering in the second coming of Jesus. Also to be discussed is the Church’s role towards Israel.

(PCT510) Developing a Healthy Church and Church Leadership

This course will discuss how to develop a healthy church from the inside out; how to develop a church from a cell group to the corporate celebration; the pros and cons of primary groups as well as defining and establishing staff job descriptions. Other than the Pastor the church body needs a committed group of spirit filled leaders that are called to walk alongside the pastor. This course will discuss how to determine the need for ministry leaders as well as how to identify potential leaders. The development of lay leadership and full time leadership will be studied.

(PCT511) Church Planting and Foundations

This course will take you through the first five years of how to grow and develop a church God’s way. It will discuss sermon messages, Bible studies and conferences that are necessary to nurture the flock. It will also administer general administration principals, which are fundamental to every successful church. This course will discuss setting up a new church with the proper financial tools and administration devices that are necessary to run the business end of a church or ministry. The church is not a democracy, but rather a theocracy. This course will lay out principals that will help establish God’s government within His church. If the foundation is not sound, then the building will not be sound.

Christian Lifestyle Courses

(CLC301) Fundamentals and Doctrines of Christianity

This course will discuss basic Christian doctrines as well as the three baptisms of the born again child of God ( the baptism into the body of Christ, water baptism, and baptism of the Holy Spirit). Our God is a covenant God. This course will also discuss what a covenant is; how it is established; and man’s part in the covenant. The new covenant will be discussed in detail.

(CLC302) General Christian Life 1

This course will discuss the power God has given us through the words we speak. The student will learn how to direct that power to bring the God kind of results in their lives and in the lives of others. This course will also discuss in great detail this powerful force of life for the purpose of setting the believer free from the bondage of unforgiveness and closing the door to sickness and other attacks of the enemy. The student will also learn the steps of releasing forgiveness

(CLC303) General Christian Life 2

This course will discuss the character traits of a spirit filled believer as found in Galatians 5:22,23 known as the Fruit of the Spirit. A person is known by the fruit that they bare. This course will also discuss the believers God given protection against the strategies of the devil and his offensive weapons, as found in Ephesians6:10-18 known as the armor of God. The student will learn to identify who the real enemy is.

(CLC304) Basics of Christian Discipleship

This course will teach the basics of what it means to walk with Jesus and be His disciple. It will cover sin, salvation, righteousness, heaven, hell, why we worship, etc. This course will also discuss the characteristics of a child of God as found in Matthew 5, known as the Beatitudes. The student will learn how a Christian is to act and the blessings which follow these characteristics.

(CLC305) Intimacy with God Through A Life Of Holiness

This course will teach about fellowship and oneness with God and their importance in the lifestyle of the believer. This course will also discuss what God truly means by the command “be ye holy as I am Holy “. You will discover holiness as a daily lifestyle.

(CLC306) Developing an Atmosphere of Worship

This course will cover “third day” worship, and the student will gain an understanding of the “new song” we are to sing unto the Lord as well as the concept of entering into throne room worship.

(CLC307) Worship Song Writing

This course will teach the basics of song writing and the precepts of creating songs unto the Lord to be used in corporate worship settings.